Meet the Artists

Dr Brogan Bunt

A/Prof Brogan Bunt. Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, UOW

Brogan is the curatorial force behind Antarctic Futures, weaving together the unique experiences of scientists, artists and the audience to tell a cohesive and living story, which will shift and evolve around the idea of imagining something new.

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Bettina Kaiser

Bettina is a Sydney based interdisciplinary artist with a background in painting.  She has a particular interest in environment and the climate crisis.

Bettina travelled on three cruises to the Antarctica across 2007-2008 – the first two to the Antarctic Peninsula and the third to visit the Emperor Penguin colony on Snow Island.

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Ashley Frost

Ashley works as an exhibiting artist primarily in painting and drawing from their studio in Alexandria. In addition they work part time as an arts educator teaching painting and drawing from art schools in Sydney.

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Alison Haynes

I am a scientist (a biologist) and writer. I’m also interested in art. I have an intermittent drawing practice but currently photography is probably my most consistent means of artistic expression. I worked as a journalist and editor/writer before turning to science, and now enjoy a writing practice as part of my wellbeing routine, as well as working on science communication pieces, and a book centred on my Antarctic experience.

My work as a scientist involves moss, which is one of the few plants that survive in Antarctica. I study urban moss, which is a pioneer in our towns and cities, able to exploit niches like pavement cracks and dimples in the edges of car parks, where other plants cannot survive. I went to Antarctica to investigate how moss colonises bare land when glaciers retreat, not so dissimilar to the urban environment in some ways, where new substrates replace native vegetation.

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Liz Jeneid

Liz first travelled to Antarctica in 2005, saying of this trip “I am very grateful for this experience, it made me realise that we all should feel responsible for helping to protect this part of the world”. Liz has been an active member of the UOW community, teaching visual arts in the Faculty of Creative Arts from 1983 to 2003. Liz has been part of artist residency programs and teaching all over the world.

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Janet Laurence

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Georgia Watson

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Melinda Waterman

A pivotal member of the Antarctic Futures team, Melinda has enjoyed branching out, organising and participating in this transdisciplinary event. As a passionate researcher and science communicator, Melinda doesn’t consider herself an artist. She is a scientist who loves sharing stories about gathering moss and how mosses can live in extreme climates like in Antarctica. But this is the first time she have used art as a tool to communicate her research.

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