Georgia Watson

Who am I?

I am a research officer in the Science node of the ARC funded Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future.

I have a Bachelor of Science (Biology, Hons I) and a range of skills and experience related to invasive species biology, native flora monitoring, pitfall and radio tracking of mammals and reptiles, forest ecology and remote field work.

How does my research relate to Antarctica?

I visited Casey Station in East Antarctic this February, collecting moss samples for a long term moss monitoring project that’s been running since 2000. I’ll be spending the next few months identifying these moss species under the microscope and assessing the health of the moss beds from photos taken this season and comparing them to past seasons.

What am I contributing to the exhibition?

I’m very happy to be contributing my knowledge of science communication, event planning and my enthusiasm for sharing Antarctica’s incredible story. I’ve also dabbled in some digital art making, using photos that were taken in February of this year at Casey Station, East Antarctica. My goal with the piece of art I’ve created is to exhibit that whilst most of the White Continent is ice and snow, there’s also a side to Antarctica that most people don’t get to see, which is full of so much life and colour.