Andrew Netherwood

I am a new media and generative artist, with a particular interest in photography and multimedia design.  Despite my technological focus, I aim to communicate to viewers at a non-intellectual, spiritual level. 

I travelled to King George Island in 2015 as part of an INACH (Chilean Antarctic) project to study the effects of climate change on terrestrial vegetation communities. My role was primarily as a photographer recording moss and lichen communities. We went in the summer season from Punta Arenas in Chile, so the weather was generally not too extreme and there were enough sunny days to ensure good photographs and video. 

At the Chilean Escudero base where we stayed, there were scientists of many disciplines and nationalities. I was heartened by the shared sense of scientific purpose and endeavour, which, along with a free exchange of ideas and assistance if needed, was a model of what can be achieved with cooperation and open mindedness.  

A specific moment remains memorable for me.  I was at one of the field sites adjacent to the vast Collins glacier. Standing right at the edge of the glacier, I became aware of what I can only describe as something, vast, ancient and unknowable. The doors of my perception shimmered! A communication of sublime artistry on the part of the glacier!