Animaladies Program

Thursday December 13th

(All sessions held in Research Hub, unless indicated)

9.45 Acknowledgment of Country & Welcome: Fiona Probyn-Rapsey

Keynote Lecture :  pattrice jones        

Derangement and Resistance : Reflections from Under the Glare of an Angry Emu

 Chair:  Melissa Boyde

11.00 Morning Tea
11.30 Chair: Jordan McKenzie Chair: Alison Moore  Room: 19.2103
Chloe Taylor  – Of gimps, gastropods, and grief Sharri Lembryk – Animaladies of knowledge: The epistemic echo chamber
Charlie Jackson-Martin –  Sanctuary Life: Utopias and dystopias from the inside Guy Scotton – Geographies of animal fear
Zoei Sutton – Critical companions: challenging the role of ‘pets’ through relationships Darren Chang – Farmed animal sanctuaries on stolen land: De-weaponizing and re-subjectifying domesticated animals as part of anti-colonial struggles
1.00 Lunch:  Film Screening:  The Breeder, by Demelza Kooij

Keynote Lecture: Elan Abrell 

Zoonotic Care: Helping Sanctuary Go Viral

Chair: Yvette Watt

3.10 Chair: Katie Gillespie Chair: Nekeisha A Alexis Rm: 19.2103
Rowena Lennox – Women who won’t shut up. Lindy Chamberlain, Jennifer Parkhurst, dingoes and reliable narrators Sanna Karhu – Toward a feminist critique of killing: Sight, regulation, and the politics of the slaughterhouse
Clare Archer-Lean – Knots of distraction and action: Animal representation in Charlotte Wood’s fiction Jan Dutkiewicz “… a moment of silence.” The nonviolent slaughterhouse and Temple Grandin’s politics of reform and sacrifice
Hayley Singer – F is for … failure, forgetting, filiations, fleischgeist Kathrin Herrmann – The 3Rs principles of animal experimentation: actions and distractions
4.40 Afternoon tea

Keynote Lecture: Nekeisha Alayna Alexis      

Writing Captives

Chair: Esther Alloun






6.30 pm

Drinks &  light supper  

SLAM (5 min each) Chair: Siobhan O’Sullivan  

Teya Brooks Pribac and Jason Grossman – Liberté, égalité, étrangeté

Anne Melano – “There will be no rescue”: Jean Hegland’s Into the Forest

Esther Alloun – Going to the dogs in Occupied Palestine: Animaladies and settler colonial madness

BOOK LAUNCH: Animaladies, (Eds) Lori Gruen & Fiona Probyn-Rapsey, Bloomsbury 2018. To be launched by Melissa Boyde


   Friday December 14th



Invited speakers                     Chair: Lori Gruen

lynn mowson- bloodlines: tracing paths from bodies to biotechnologies

Yamini Narayanan – Cow is a mother, mothers can do anything for their children!” Gaushalas as landscapes of anthropatriarchy and hindu patriarchy

Yvette Watt  – Unfair Game: animal abuse and gender in the visual arts

11.00 Morning Tea
11.30 Chair: pattrice jones Chair: Elan Abrell Rm: 19.2103
Danielle Celermajer – Reading with Katie Tracey Nicholls –  Precarious Grief
Susan Pyke –  Snake Church (after leaving the ‘sanctuary of ignorance’) Jordan McKenzie –  Emotion and morality: A sociological perspective on moral judgements of animal cruelty
Mehmet Emin Boyacioglu – White, middle-class privilege and toxic masculinity: An ethnographic case study of grassroots animal activism in Canada Alex Lockwood – An insomniac call to bear witness: How the malady of an ethical sleeplessness complicates and contests the hidden practices of industrial nonhuman slaughter
1.00 Lunch & AASA AGM (1 – 2.00pm)
2.00 Chair: lynn mowson
Alison Moore – Feminist resonances across lives in the dairy industry
Iselin Gambert and Tobias Linne – #SoyBoy: Race, gender, and tropes of ‘plant milk masculinity’
Katie Gillespie – Scent of the spectral: Sensory witnessing beyond sight
3.30 Afternoon tea    BOOK LAUNCH:  The Flight of Birds by Joshua Lobb, Sydney University Press (Animal Publics series), 2018. To be launched by Melissa Boyde

Keynote  Lecture : Lori Gruen          

Calculating Care? The Maladies of Effective Altruism

Chair: Yamini Narayanan

5.00-5.15 Closing Remarks  – Organising Committee