‘Encultured Minds and Brains’ – McGill University’s Culture, Mind & Brain Seminar Series

Hutto speaks at McGill University’s Culture, Mind & Brain Seminar Series on Thursday, January 21st from 3-5 PM EST (7-9 AM, Friday January 22nd AEST).

The topic: “Enculturated Minds and Brains: Questioning a Familiar Philosophical Picture”

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Narratives and Mental Health Series – Advisory Board

Hutto has joined the advisory board of the forthcoming Series: Narratives and Mental Health.

He will support the series editors: Jarmila Mildorf, University of Paderborn, Germany, Elisabeth Punzi, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, Christoph Singer, University of Vienna, Austria, and Cornelia Wächter, University of Bochum, Germany







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Research Highlights of 2020

Here is a report detailing research highlights of our newly formed FACULTY OF THE ARTS, SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES at the University of Wollongong.

The new ASSH Faculty is comprised of seven schools, including SOLA – the School of Liberal Arts. Each School is committed, in its own way, to producing high-quality research that enhances knowledge and informs wider understanding, policy and practice.

Conference on Mind in Skilled Performance Across Traditions

The School of Liberal Arts proudly hosted a 2-day, Australian Research Council (ARC) supported conference: Understanding and Explaining Skilled Performance: Looking Across Traditions, on 26-27 February 2020.

The conference focused on evaluating explanatory proposals about the cognitive basis of skilled performance, as well as considering what non-analytic philosophical traditions of thought and practice – phenomenology, pragmatism and Japanese Dō – can contribute to our understanding of the phenomenon under investigation.

The event provided an excellent opportunity to develop and disseminate research that will be published in the Synthese special issue connected to the School’s current ARC Discovery project – Mind in Skilled Performance.

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