Members of the NPT initiative also participated in the following international projects:

The Management of the Self: A Humanities approach to Self-management in Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine project will run for 3-years (June 2015 to Sept 2019, €739, 617) and is funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research and will involve collaborations with the University of Amsterdam, Free University Amsterdam, Donders Institute Nijmegen and Dimence GGZ, Zwolle. It will sponsor two post-graduate positions and two PhD projects.

The Literary in Life: Exploring the Boundaries between Literature and the Everyday project (September 2015 to August 2019) is funded by the Academy of Finland. It will study how the forms and functions of literature and life are intertwined. The project asks 1) how the literary interacts with the communicative in everyday social interaction, 2) how literary experimentation revolts against and remodels dominant cultural values and discourses, and 3) how literature creates structures and discursive possibilities for individuals to express and to share emotion and affect. UOW researchers will work together with the consortium of three Scandinavian universities contributing to the multidisciplinary effort of understanding the human mind in action.

For related projects, see  HESIAN – Hertfordshire Enactive Solution-Focused Interactional and Narrative.