E-learning English language…. at the University of Wollongong.

This blog site brings you resources and conversation online about English language in academic contexts – in any discipline… it focuses on lexis (vocabulary) and grammar in academic work, especially writing. 

When you’re doing high level academic discourse for the first time, or using English as a second language, obstacles and questions come up all the time … even when you’re ‘good at English’, the differences between everyday language and academic language present hundreds of interesting challenges… if you haven’t got someone nearby to ask, you can ask any questions you like about academic language here.

The blog (Homepage) presents a new post each week during sessions at UOW. Other pages give you a range of resources to browse through and use at your leisure.

Comments are always welcome – reply to posts on the Home page, or send an email to Emily [epurser@uow.edu.au]. 

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