Distinguished Professor Sharon Robinson

Who am I?

I am a Distinguished Professor and Dean of Researcher Development and Integrity at the University of Wollongong. Within theĀ ARC funded program Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future, I am the Deputy Director in charge of science implementation. I’ve visited Antarctica 14 times since 1996 when I began my research into Antarctica moss.

How my research relates to Antarctica

I research how Antarctic plants respond to climate change. Using radiocarbon signatures, left behind in the atmosphere by nuclear testing, we are able to date mosses and track environmental change around the coast of Antarctica. I’m also interested in applying new technologies, including the use of drones, to monitor plant health and productivity, and developing novel sensors that will improve our understanding of how the environment is changing year-round in Antarctica.

What am I contributing to the exhibition?

I bring my decades of expertise in Antarctic science, a comprehensive history of impactful storytelling and a network of collaborators who believe in sharing their work to improve people’s understanding of and investment in Antarctica.

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