AAP 2019 Conference in Wollongong

The University of Wollongong will be hosting the 2019 edition of the Australasian Association of Philosophy Conference. We are very pleased to announce the...

Special Issue on Predictive Brains and Embodied, Enactive Cognition

This special issue of Synthese, edited by Michael D. Kirchhoff, investigates the intersection between predictive processing in cognitive neuroscience and embodied, enactive approaches to...

Naturally Evolving Minds Conference Videos

We have videos online for some of the lectures of the Naturally Evolving Minds: Controversies, Developments, Interventions conference, organized by philosophers at the University of Wollongong...

Global Climate Change Week 2018

The Global Climate Change Week is organised each October, led by UOW philosopher Keith Horton. The 2018 edition will run from October 15 to...

Enactivist Interventions by Shaun Gallagher

Enactivist Interventions (2017) by Shaun Gallagher is an interdisciplinary work that explores how theories of embodied cognition illuminate many aspects of the mind, including...

Evolving Enactivism by Daniel Hutto and Erik Myin

Evolving Enactivism (2017) argues that cognitive phenomena—perceiving, imagining, remembering—can be best explained in terms of an interface between contentless and content-involving forms of cognition....

ARC Discovery Project: Minds in Skilled Performance

Philosophy researchers were successfully awarded $263,000 for an Australian Research Council Discovery Project – Minds in Skilled Performance: Explanatory Framework and Comparative Study –...

Highlighted news

  • Gallagher speaks at World Congress of Philosophy in China
    In the coming months, Shaun Gallagher will be delivering many invited lectures -- at the World Congress of Philosophy in Beijing China in August 2018, and at conferences in Berlin, Heidelberg and Oxford in September 2018.
  • Miyahara accepts post-doc at UOW
    We are delighted to announce that Katsunori Miyahara, currently based at Harvard University, has accepted a 2-year post-doctoral position in connection with our ARC Discovery Project – Minds in Skilled Performance. He will conduct research on phenomenology, pragmatism and Japanese dō – investigating to what extent ideas from those traditions of thought can inform our project’s explanatory…

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  • McGivern and Brancazio secure special issue on active materials in Synthese
    Patrick McGivern and Nick Brancazio have secured a special issue in Synthese on “Multiscale Modeling and Active Materials”. This will be the first major collection of philosophical work on the new field of 'active materials’, based on papers presented at a workshop held at Georgetown University in July 2018 (also organised by McGivern and Brancazio).…
  • Satne and Ainbinder organise inaugural Spring School on Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind
    Glenda Satne and Bernardo Ainbinder organised the First Spring School on Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind in Valpariaso. The event was sponsored by the International Research Network on Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind funded by Fondecyt (Chile). The Spring School included researchers from UOW (Shaun Gallagher), Copenhagen and Oxford (Dan Zahavi) Heidelberg, and Diego Portales.…
  • PhD student talks on memory and functionalism in Edinburgh
    Anco Peeters will present a talk at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland titled "The fall of functionalism" on December 7. He also gave a talk titled “Misplacing memories?” during a reading retreat with philosophers from the University of Edinburgh at Tomintoul, Scotland on October 27. His visit to the University of Edinburgh is partially funded…
  • Undergraduate training conference inspires students to pursue philosophy degree
    The UOW Philosophy Undergraduate Training Conference, organised by our undergraduate Philosophy Forum, took place from November 21 to 23. It was a great success. Twenty students took part in the training conference, with presentations from Patrick McGivern (UOW), Nicolas Bullot (Charles Darwin), Michael Kirchhoff (UOW) and Honours student Conor McCammon. The future for both majors…
  • Kirchhoff presents papers on active inference, predictive processing and mechanisms at ASPP conference
    Kirchhoff will present three papers at the Australasian Society for Philosophy and Psychology 2018 meeting at Macquarie University, Sydney which is held from the 5th to 7th of this month. The first paper is titled “Anticipatory Action: Active Inference in Embodied Cognitive Activity”. It will be co-presented with Ian Robertson during the symposium on “Minds…
  • Hutto tours Asia as an invited speaker in Taiwan, Japan, and Macau
    Dan Hutto toured Asia in November: delivering keynote addresses to the 2018 Taiwan International Conference of Philosophy of Sport; the Setouchi Philosophy Forum on Action, Skill, and Know-How at Okayama University; presented research from the ARC DP Mind in Skilled Performance project a team-based symposium at a special session of the Japanese Phenomenological Association annual…
  • PhD student presents paper on perceiving and cognizing in Macau
    Inês Hipólito presented her paper "Perceiving and Cognizing: Re-Drawing Boundaries" at the 3rd Conference on Natural Cognition: Experience, concepts and agency at the University of Macau on the 20th of November. Hipolito is also co-presenting, with Dan Hutto, a paper titled "Culture in Mind - An Enactivist Account: Not Cognitive Penetration But Cultural Permeation" at…
  • Raja talks on agency and experience at UOW
    Vicente Raja (Rotman Institute of Philosophy, Western University, Canada) will present his paper “Agency, Experience, and the Environment” at the UOW Philosophy Research Seminar Series on December 3.


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