SMART Goes to NSW Parliament

SMART Infrastructure has partnered with the NSW Public Accounts Committee (PAC) for a high-level forum on infrastructure for the 22nd century.

The forum, conducted at NSW Parliament House last week, attracted key academic, political and industry leaders to consider the challenges and possible solutions for the state’s infrastructure.

PAC Chair Jonathan O’Dea said, “Providing the right infrastructure is the bedrock of future growth and prosperity. We owe it to following generations to look beyond the next election cycle. It is essential that we understand this challenge, which must be addressed now to secure our future long-term prosperity.”

The program included an expert panel focussed on preparing for the future and an open discussion where parliamentarians were able to question infrastructure experts.

Garry Bowditch said he was honoured by the opportunity to address the Committee and Members of Parliament.

“The research and policy development effort at SMART is helping governments and business in Australia and around the world to make more cost effective and astute infrastructure decisions,” he said.

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Premier Mike Baird at the Forum

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