PHIL 151 – Logic: The Art of Reasoning


Logic is the study of good reasoning. Understanding logic is essential for constructing strong arguments and for evaluating reasons and evidence given by others. We will study a variety of techniques for evaluating arguments, distinguishing good arguments from bad ones, recognising common flaws in reasoning, and assessing evidence. Our topics include the basics of argument structure, the difference between valid and invalid arguments, the difference between deduction and induction, the use of examples and counter-examples in arguments, methods for resolving problems of vagueness and ambiguity, the role of inference and presupposition in reasoning, and the basics of statistical and causal reasoning.





PatrickLogic: The Art of Reasoning is taught by Dr. Patrick McGivern, who is an expert in logic, philosophy of science, and epistemology. He has published work in journals such as Philosophy of Science and Synthese and has taught formal and informal logic for more than 15 years.