Higher Degree Research Students

Research Students

Jarrah Aubourg

Thesis Title: Thought Experiments in Philosophy

Email: patrickm@uow.edu.au

Website: https://uow.academia.edu/JarrahAubourg

Nick Brancazio

Thesis Title: Having Gender in Mind

Email: nick_brancazio@uow.edu.au

Website: https://uow.academia.edu/NickBrancazio

Inês Hipólito

Thesis Title: Perception beyond content: color from a radical standpoint.

Email: hipolito.ines@gmail.com

Website: https://uow.academia.edu/In%C3%AAsHip%C3%B3litohttp://www.ineshipolito.org/

Alan Walter Jurgens

Thesis Title: Social Cognition without Theory of Mind: Do Bayesian Models Explain Anything?

Email: jurgens.alan@gmail.com

Website: https://uow.academia.edu/AlanJurgens | https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Alan_Jurgens

Cameron James Lutman

Thesis Title: Interactionist Moral Character.

Email: clutman@uow.edu.au

Website: https://uow.academia.edu/CameronLutman

James McKeahnie

Thesis Title: Copyright’s Expanding Duration and Scope Cannot be Justified on a Natural Labour Basis.

Email: jam475@uowmail.edu.au

Website: http://uow.academia.edu/JamesMcKeahnie

Russell Meyer

Thesis Title: It is Possible to Unify Dynamical Modeling and Mechanistic Explanation?.

Email: rjm322@uowmail.edu.au

Peter David O’Connor

Thesis Title: The Simple Brain Theory

Email: pdoc956@uowmail.edu.au

Website: https://independent.academia.edu/PeterOConnor

Anco Peeters

Thesis Title: Rethinking the cogs of cognition: A critical assessment of functionalism in light of cognitive science’s interactive turn

Website: https://www.ancopeeters.com/

Justin Ramsay

Thesis Title: Social Reality: Reconceptualising the Ethics of Virtual Reality.

Email: jr888@uowmail.edu.au

Website: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Justin_Ramsayhttps://uow.academia.edu/JustinRamsay

John Reynolds

Thesis Title: Privacy, Best Before See Neck of Bottle: Is privacy the best choice to protect us from big data.

Email: jr138@uow.edu.au

Website: https://independent.academia.edu/JohnReynolds37

Ian Robertson

Thesis Title: Can the puzzle of skilful performance be solved?
Email: ian_robertson@live.co.uk

Website: https://st-andrews.academia.edu/IanRobertson


Miguel Segundo-Ortin

Thesis Title: Enriching Radical Embodied Cognition. Can Radical Enactivism and Ecological Psychology work together to explain adaptive behavior?

Email: miguel.segundo.ortin@gmail.com

Website: https://uow.academia.edu/MiguelSegundoOrtinhttps://www.researchgate.net/profile/Miguel_Segundo_Ortin