Daniel D. Hutto

Prof. Daniel D. Hutto

Professor and Associate Dean of Research

Phone: +61 2 4221 3987

Email: ddhutto@uow.edu.au

Location: 19.2021

Website: http://www.uow.edu.au/~ddhutto/profile/hutto.html

About Prof. Hutto

Born and schooled in New York, Prof. Hutto – aka Dan – finished his undergraduate degree as a study abroad student in St Andrews, Scotland where his maternal roots lie. He returned to New York to teach fourth grade in the Bronx for a year in order to fund his MPhil in Logic and Metaphysics. After earning a DPhil from the University of York, England, he worked to build his career and the philosophy department at the University of Hertfordshire for over 20 years. Australia is his new home.

Dan’s research is a sustained attempt to understand human nature in a way which respects natural science but which nevertheless rejects the impersonal metaphysics of much contemporary naturalism. He has authored 7 books, edited 7 books/special issues and generated over 100 research publications. He is regularly invited to deliver keynotes and plenary lectures to conferences and expert meetings across the globe – speaking not only to other philosophers but also to anthropologists, clinical psychiatrists, educationalists, narratologists, neuroscientists and psychologists. A special yearbook, Radical Enactivism, focusing on his philosophy of intentionality, phenomenology and narrative, was published in 2006.

He routinely conducts reviews for major research bodies worldwide: including the European Research Council (ERC); Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), UK; and the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), USA. Since migrating to Australia he has joined the Australian Research Council (ARC) College of Experts, and served as Chair of its Humanities and Creative Arts Panel.

Highlighted Publications

  • Evolving Enactivism: Basic Minds Meet Content. (co-authored with Erik Myin). 2017. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, Bradford Books.
  • Radicalizing Enactivism: Basic Minds without Content. (co-authored with Erik Myin). 2013 (paperback 2017). Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, Bradford Books.
  • Folk Psychological Narratives: The Socio-Cultural Basis of Understanding Reasons. 2008 (Paperback 2013). Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, Bradford Books.