The Philosophy major is open to students in the BA, the BPPE and the BAWCiv. The Philosophy minor is open to students in all undergraduate degrees at UOW, provided that their degrees allow for a sufficient number of elective subjects.

Minor in Philosophy

It’s possible to add a minor in Philosophy to almost any undergraduate degree at UOW. Completing a minor involves completing 24 credit points in Philosophy, with at least 12 of those credit points at 200 or 300 level. More information on minors can be found here.

There are many possible ways to plan your minor in Philosophy. Here are some suggestions:

Focus 100-level 200-level 300-level
Health and Medicine PHIL 107 (Introduction to Philosophy) PHIL 219 (Knowledge, Science and Understanding) PHIL 320 (Philosophy of Medicine), PHIL 326 (Bioethics)
Ethics and Politics PHIL 107 (Introduction to Philosophy) PHIL 218 (Ethics), PHIL 226 (Global Ethics) PHIL 319 (Political Philosophy)
Science PHIL 151 (Logic) PHIL 219 (Knowledge, Science and Understanding), PHIL 234 (Mind, Body and World) PHIL 320 (Philosophy of Medicine)
Applied Philosophy PHIL 107 (Introduction to Philosophy) PHIL 256 (Environmental Philosophy) PHIL 326 (Bioethics), PHIL 328 (Philosophy at Work)

Many other combinations are possible.

Major in Philosophy

For students in the BA or the BAWCiv, completing a major in Philosophy involves completing 48 credit points in Philosophy. These must include four ‘core’ subjects in Philosophy: PHIL 107 (Introduction to Philosophy), PHIL 218 (Ethics), PHIL 219 (Knowledge, Science and Understanding) and PHIL 328 (Philosophy at Work).

Students in the BPPE should consult the current course calendar for information on the requirements for a major in Philosophy.