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Pursuing a higher research degree

We offer the following opportunities for enhanced undergraduate and postgraduate study:

BRes and MRes

MPhil in Philosophy

PhD in Philosophy

If you would like formally apply for an HDR degree please contact the Head of Postgraduate Studies.

The steps for submitting a formal application are outlined below. Applicants must submit:

  1. A cover letter detailing relevant experience, a CV and an academic transcript to the Law, Arts and Humanities Faculty Research Unit via lha-research@uow.edu.au
  2. A full Higher Degree Research (HDR) admission application via https://www.uow.edu.au/apply/index.html

As part your formal application, please supply a research proposal of no more than 2000 words. It should articulate:

  1. A non-trivial research question – one that fixes the scope, focus and the overall structure of thesis;
  2. The research context: Providing background on: What is at stake in answering your question? What are the key developments in the field relating to your question? Who are the main players addressing your question? What are the major challenges relating to addressing your question? What is the theoretical and practical significance of answering your question?
  3. A proposed methodology and timetable: Provide a rationale for a step–by–step plan of work. Identify the main sources you will use and consult. Explain why you choose to use those sources and not others. Detail what form your analysis will take. Will it be purely an analytic conceptual analysis? Will it be empirically informed-theorising? Will it be an exegesis in the of history of ideas? Why that is that approach appropriate to answering your question. Specify the results you anticipate for each step of your proposed investigation. Articulate what you will do if you do not get the outcomes that you expect at any given stage. Provide a projected timeline, from start to finish.
  4. References/bibliography. Supply a list of appropriately formatted references.

Here is some advice on How to Write A Research Proposal.

Applications will be evaluated based on a number of factors, including the strength of your academic qualifications; your relevant experience (e.g. published papers); the quality of your research proposal; the closeness of fit between your proposal and active lines of research in Philosophy at UOW.

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Please note that although you can apply for a PhD at the UOW at any time, the normal intake of new students occurs in February or July of any given year. The University of Wollongong offers scholarships on a competitive basis annually, usually in September/October of each year.

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