Special issue of Australian Feminist Studies interrogates (in)justice at intersections of medicine, gender and law

‘Medical Bodies: Gender, Justice and Medicine”, a new special issue of Australian Feminist Studies interrogating (in)justice at intersections of medicine, gender and law, has recently been published. The special issue was co-edited by LIRC member Dr Linda Steele (along with UOW Feminist Research Network research colleagues Dr Macarena Iribarne, University of Wollongong and Rachel Carr, University of Sydney) and builds on the 2015 research symposium ‘Feminist Perspectives on Medical Bodies’ hosted by LIRC, Feminist Research Network and Centre for Critical Human Rights Research.

The special issue contains contributions from scholars across a diverse range of disciplines including law, cultural studies, medical anthropology and sociolegal studies. As the co-editors state in the introduction to the special issue, the collection directs ‘attention to questions of gender, bodies and justice (as well as injustice) in the contemporary medico-legal terrain. … Through close analyses of contemporary case studies, each of the articles in this special issue revisit and rework feminist debates around choice, responsibility, equality, harm, identity and agency. … At the heart of our inquiries in this special issue has been the question of how feminist scholars and activists might contest and strategically engage with the contemporary medico-legal terrain to achieve justice. What is clear from the contributions gathered here is that to address this question requires clear analyses of this terrain in its complexity and movement. This includes recognition of the varied ways in which harms are being constituted anew and may travel between and across bodies, across nations and generations, and via the very systems that are put in place to minimise them. We hope that this special issue will contribute to further feminist debate around gender, bodies and justice.’

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