Women of Impact: Four LIRC members recognised by the University of Wollongong

Congratulations to Professor Nan Seuffert, Professor Sue Turnbull, Associate Professor Marett Leiboff and Associate Professor Julia Quilter of the Legal Intersections Research Centre (LIRC) , who have been recognised as Women of Impact by the University of Wollongong, announced by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, Professor Judy Raper, on 5 July 2016.

Nan, Sue, Marett and Julia were selected along with 37 other women from a diverse range of research fields following a University of Wollongong-wide assessment process which decided that each was carrying out research of major importance, making a significant contribution to advancing knowledge, demonstrating success in teaching and learning, and were acting as mentors and role models for others.

Director of the Centre, Professor Nan Seuffert, was recognised for her research animated by a passion for social justice – an investigation of areas where there is a gap between law and justice. Professor Seuffert’s primary research and teaching area is in intersectionality in the law, studies of the law, gender, race and sexuality. Her secondary focus is on financial regulation. Nan is a member of the Contesting Vulnerability and Social Justice and Global Forces Research Themes of LIRC.

Professor Sue Turnbull (The School of the Arts, English and Media) was recognised for her research which explores what television crime series such as the popular Scandi-crime genre tell us about the cultures in which they were produced, the social issues of law and order that matter in that culture, and what value these series have for the creative team that produced them and their global audiences.

Associate Professor Marett Leiboff from the Law and Popular Cultures Research Theme was recognised for her work that reveals how non-legal cultural, social, educational and historical background of lawyers unconsciously shapes their understanding of law and legal principle, their practices of legal interpretation and argumentation – and the reasoning deployed in court judgments.

Associate Professor Julia Quilter from the Crime and Society Research Theme was recognised for her inspirational work as a leading expert on criminal law and justice, in particular her leading contribution to laws aimed at curbing alcohol-related violence. Julia is highlighted in a featured video released at the launch of Women of Impact.

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