‘Experimentation’ Week 6: Workshop Influence (Sound)

In Tuesday’s workshop with Nathan, we were told to create our own language and then test it out by signalling a secret message to our opposing groups, with the intention for them to translate it to English. We were given a sub-topic around language and codes (for example, sound/scripture/mime) whereby our group received sound. We invented our language by creating a sound for each letter of the alphabet. Some of our noises are shown below.

A = “aaahh” *screaming level*

C = “ding” *high pitched*

E = eEeEe

I = eee! (quick, short, sharp in comparison to E which sirens)

O = oOoOo

And so on. There were also noises for Yes & No, Full-stop and Space (Pause/New Word). By the end of the workshop, I had learnt our language off by heart which I found to be quite funny. I could fluently speak any words asked of me in English, through this new and crazy language we had invented. I believe this experiment was successful as both of our groups had effectively broadcasted and translated each others messages. However, there was another group who was using mime or charade which didn’t seem to be an effective tool of communication. This was most likely due to the fact that we were communicating our secret messages from building to building via a window and a balcony, so the distance probably had an affect on this. Either way, I enjoyed this workshop and decided to conduct my own experiment on sound.

After reflecting upon this workshop, I have come to reconsider the value of sound. With this idea, I have taken everyday simple noises and edited them together to create a soundscape. The footage was filmed from 5:30 in the morning, and I have captured short spurts of everyday sound throughout my morning up until I’m at uni. In the process of editing I have altered the colours, speed, volume, and noise, while arranging, splitting, duplicating, overlaying and reversing sections in order to create a weird, eerie atmosphere. The decision to create this mood stemmed purely form the editing process itself, whereby the filters and tools I began playing around with on iMovie began to portray these uncomfortable qualities.

I was fairly happy with the result of this video, as the effort and techniques done in the process of this experiment are clearly reflected in the product. The obvious materials being sound, and editing tools were definitely challenged in this… and perhaps in some ways, so too was mood (if you could consider that to be a material). Although in my previous experiments, I manipulated the capabilities of iMovie, I really pushed it even further this time!

The concept of sound linking to art was quite intriguing to me after engaging in this workshop and experiment. Therefore, I decided to do a quick google search and found this amazing art blog! I thought this might be of interest to some of you, and have linked it right here. There’s a compilation of artists, works and concept throughout this site. (press on the word ‘blog’ to be directed to the page)

Thank you for reading!


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