Requesting a new blog

Submit a request

  1. Raise a ticket and include the following information:
    • UOW username of blog owner.
    • Name of blog.
    • Preferred blog URL (this cannot be changed once blog is created – blog URL must begin with “”).
    • Type of blog: (private or public)

By submitting the request, you agree to the following:

    1. IMTS can assist current UOW staff activate a blog, but IMTS does not provide user support for the usage and customisation of blogs for your individual needs.
    2. You agree to abide by the UOW IT ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY and to advise all users of the blog that they are also required to abide by this policy.

  1. If your blog is intended to be public-facing:
    • In addition to the above responsibilities of owning a UOW blog, all blog authors and commenters must also abide by the USE OF THE UNIVERSITY NAME IN PUBLIC STATEMENTS POLICY.
    • Written approval from the Strategic Marketing and Communications Unit (SMCU) will be required before your blog can be released to the public.