Leadership in higher education: what are your perceptions? Have your say

You are invited to participate in a global research study – Preparing, Assessing & Developing Higher Education Leaders (PADHEL), which is looking at the leadership capabilities that higher education leaders need to have or develop to be effective in their leadership roles.

You are asked to complete the anonymous online survey (takes no more than 5 minutes) with one particular leader in mind, with whom you have a formal working relation. 

You are able to complete the survey numerous times if you work with more than one leader. Please note: each completed survey must be for one leader and a new survey should be completed for each subsequent leader.

In identifying the leader you are completing the survey about, you are asked to nominate their leadership position and the title of their leadership role.

To compete the survey please click here

All information is regarded as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and remains anonymous. There will be no identification of participants and gathered data will ONLY be used for the purposes of this research study. The study has been approved by the Social Sciences Human Research Ethics Committee of the University of Wollongong.