We are seeking the perceptions of staff about their leaders in formal roles. We have developed a list of leadership capabilities, and we are inviting participants to nominate how important they believe each of these capabilities are for the nominated leadership role and how competently they believe this leader performs these capabilities. Findings will be analysed to:

  1. Ascertain the capabilities (including emotional intelligence) associated with effective higher education leadership
  2. Generate resource(s) that can be used to guide the recruitment of emotionally intelligent and capable higher education leaders
  3. Construct an inventory of emotional intelligence capabilities that are most relevant for higher education leaders and leadership
  4. Identify the perceived emotional intelligence career development needs of higher education leaders (informed by the descriptive statistics – importance x performance analysis)
  5. Develop tools that can be used to inform career review and appraisal of higher education leaders (e.g. 360° leadership capability survey questions)