Past Events


12-15 Dec  l Conference – LSAANZ Conference 2018

22 Oct l Seminar – “Resistance to Environmental Regulation in Rural Australia – The Tragic Case of R v Ian Robert Turnbull”

26 Sep l Seminar – “Reproducing Whiteness: Feminist Genres, Legal Subjectivity and the Post-Racial Dystopia of The Handmaid’s Tale (2017-)”

14 Sep l Seminar – MORE’S UTOPIA / MORE UTOPIAS From The Renaissance To ’68 And Beyond


07 Dec l Seminar – Subversive Legacies: Law, Literature and Repetition

08 Nov | Panel – Memories and Reflections on the Soviet Century: On the Rise, Decline and Rebirth of the Communist Idea

06 Nov | Seminar – Implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity in Brazil

15 Sep | Symposium – ‘Posting’ the law: Emerging Narratives of Law and Justice within Social Media discourses

13 Sep | Panel Discussion – Seeing or Refusing to Look in Australian Refugee Law and International Criminal Law

16 Aug | Seminar – Advancement of Women in Law Firms: Current Best Practice an d Future Directions

12 May | Launch and screening – Project Launch & Screening of ‘Constance on the Edge’

12 Apr | Seminar – Law, Crisis and the Cultural Imaginary in Weimar Germany (1919 – 1933)

15 Mar | Seminar – W(h)ither Feminist Legal Theory? A Retrospective


17 Nov | Roundtable – Program: Law, Disability and Institutional Violence Against Marginalised Populations

09 Nov | Seminar – Sterilisation of Women with Disability, International Human Rights Law and (the Failure of) Australian Law Reform

26 Oct | Seminar – Subjects and Objects of Property

12 Oct | Seminar – Disability and Rural Men

21 Sep | Seminar – Forms of Redress after the Holocaust: Encounters between Art and Law

07 Sep | Seminar – The Everyday Life of Human Rights Law

05 Sep | Presentation – Addressing Indigenous Over-Representation in Canada

Aug | Panel  – Reading social science critically in family law proceedings: A methodological, doctrinal and pragmatic investigation of the use of ‘social science’ research in family law proceedings with participants from UNSW and USyd as well as LIRC.

01 Jun | Seminar – Administrative Justice in the Global Context: The Case of UNHCR Refugee Status Determination

27 May | Workshop – Unfinished Business?

18 May | Seminar – Wicked Words & Immoral Imaginings: A Criminological Study of Obscene Literature, by Visiting PhD Scholar, Stephanie Piamonte

06 May | HDR Workshop

15 Apr | Symposium – Two Steps Forward and Two Steps Back? Contemporary Issues in Access to Justice for Victims of Family and Domestic Violence

07 Apr | Public Lecture – Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Expression in contemporary multiculture

30 Mar | Seminar – Seagull syndrome: local knowledge, expert knowledge and neocolonialism

18 Mar | Workshop – Community Engagement: ‘Communication Rights and Controversy after Charlie Hebdo and Section 18C’

02 Mar | HDR Proposal Seminar – Indigenous Offender and Community Experiences of New Intensive Correction Orders

18 Feb | Workshop – HDR Methodology

28 Jan | Launch of Women’s Law Association of New South Wales


09 Dec | Symposium:  Knowledge of ‘Intoxication’ and Australian Criminal Law: Implications for addressing Alcohol and Other Drug-Related Harms and Risks.

25 Nov | Seminar – Exploring the Route from Nairobi to Beijing +20:  Feminist Activist Reflections on Rights Advocacy

18 Nov | Documentary Film Screening – Constitute! by Susan Bazilli

05 Nov l Book Launch and Panel Discussion – Courting Blakness:  what can art do in a university?

02 Nov | Seminar – The Problem with the ‘Problem Gambler’ 

21 Oct | Seminar – Impacts of the High Court decisions of Bugmy and Munda on Indigenous Sentencing and Imprisonment 

14 Oct | Seminar – ‘Not just one thing’:  Homelessness and crisis in Melbourne

12 Oct | Seminar – Law, History, and the Curious Invention of Legal History

07 Oct | Seminar – ‘Applying Old-World Solutions to New-World Problems’? Re-Enacting Chivalry Today

26 Aug | Seminar: – “I Respectfully Concur With Dr X”:  The Risks and Benefits to Women and Children of Family Law Judges Using Social Science Research in the Courtroom 

18 Aug | Seminar – ‘Who would do such a thing?”:  Individual and Systematized Dehumanization 

13 Aug | Symposium – Genealogies of Indefinite Detention: ‘Perverts’, ‘Terrorists’ and Business as Usual 

12 Aug | Seminar – “Non-Indigenous Others”:  Racial Hierarchy and Settler Colonialism in the United States Today

03 Jun | Seminar – The Turkish Quest for Legal Modernity: An Insight into the History of Turkish Criminal Law

08 May | Seminar – Justice and Theory: Blackstone’s Commentaries, Joshua Reynolds and the Emergence of Modern Law

29 Apr | Seminar – Common Goal, Different Journeys: Debunking perceived tensions between public health & human rights in the…

21 Apr | Afternoon Tea & Discussion – Interdisciplinary research during the PhD and Beyond 

20 Feb | Symposium – Feminist Perspectives on Medical Bodies


2 Dec | Seminar: Autonomous Motherhood? A Socio-Legal Study of Choice and Constraint

20 Nov | Seminar: Mad, Sad or Bad? Distress, the Legally Trained and Constructions of Rationality

5 Nov | eSymposium: Suum Cuique Tribuere: The International Complexities of Social Justice in the 21st Century

22 Oct | Seminar: Policing and Media: Public Relations, Simulations and Communications

15 Oct | Seminar: Inside Jill Meagher’s Handbag: Looking at Open Justice

2 Oct | Symposium: Emotions

17 Sep | Roundtable Discussion

3 Sep | Seminar: Real men don’t hit women: Constructing masculinity in the prevention of violence against women

18 Jul | Symposium: Troubling Waters: Speaking (of) Forbidden (Legal) Subjects. Symposium in Honour of Penny Pether

04 Jul | Symposium: Through the Looking Glass: the Framing of Law & Justice through Popular Imagination

25 Jun | Seminar: Evaluation for Policy: What’s Wanted, What’s Needed, What’s Realistic

21 May | Seminar: This Prison Where I Live: Uncovering Gender and Identity in the Carceral

19 May | Seminar: The Poisoned Apple of Malice

9 Apr | Seminar: One-Punch Laws, Mandatory Minimums and ‘Alcohol-Fuelled’ as an Aggravating Factor: Implications for NSW Criminal Law. 

9 Apr | Journal Launch: Law Text Culture Volume 17 – ‘Re-orienting Hospitality, Re-orienting Law’