SKAMP: Cultural mentoring with Indigenous male students (years 5-8) in Dapto & Shellharbour areas

Project lead | Professor Kathleen Clapham

UOW partners | Layne Brown

Community partners | Greg Potts Illawarra Koori Men’s Support Group

Our Interdisciplinary team will be working with the Illawarra Koori Men’s Support Group (IKMSG) to develop & deliver a culturally safe program for Aboriginal students Years 5-8 in the transition from primary to secondary school. School Kids Aboriginal Mentoring Program is uniquely designed for Aboriginal boys and young men that builds upon the considerable expertise of the IKSMG.

In our previous work the IKMSG demonstrated their innovative capacity to deliver effective culturally safe programs with Aboriginal communities and under-served population, particularly vulnerable groups such as Aboriginal youth.  This program will provide innovative solutions to led by local Indigenous people. By working with the IKMSG we anticipate a number of outcomes; culturally appropriate service delivery, organisational capacity building for project planning, report writing & evaluation and contributing to the research body of work on Aboriginal men’s groups.

In 2017 with their input and guidance we completed the Research & Community ‘Caring for Community’ reports (found here) providing great insights into the daily operations of a well-respected Aboriginal organisation in the Illawarra.

Earlier in 2018 it was identified that the UOW Community Engagement Grant Scheme was an opportunity to further build on this partnership. In meeting with the IKMSG they indicated a need to revisit their youth program. They were interested in re-developing and adapting an existing program, that due to a lack of funding was absorbed into their current programs. Both parties sat down further to capture details on service delivery, sustainability, budgets, roles & responsibilities. Our research team then co-wrote an application for SKAMP based off of the information they gave us and were successful in attaining the grant. The CEGS grant was officially presented to us on the 3rd November & we look forward to updating you all as this project rolls out over the next 12 months.

Below pictured: John Pagett, Brad Anderson, Layne Brown, Helen Hassan, Kathleen Clapham, Gerald Brown, Brian Green, Glenn Pagett, Rick Pagett

For more details on CEGS and the types of projects they support watch the following video:

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