IKMSG Strategy Planning Day


Participants in the IKMSG Strategy Planning Day

On July 18, 2016, Nyssa Murray member of the Caring for Community Advisory Panel helped the Illawarra Kouri Men’s Support Group ( IKMSG) Board ran a Strategy Planning Day.  The day was designed to gather information and insights about future possibilities for IKMSG from the members. There were 22 participants who were involved in 6 workshops run during the day.  Nyssa worked with Uncle G and IKMSG Team to complete an analysis of data collected during the Strategy Planning Day and drafted a Business Plan for IKMSG Board to discuss and consider.

Feedback from the IKMSG Team was very positive.  The direction from Nyssa was much appreciated and the outcomes from the planning day gave them everyone a new perspective on the achievements and potential of the IKMSG.

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