• 27.3% are Aboriginal prisoners
  • 34.3% of women incarcerated are Indigenous whereas 26.7% are men
  • 48% of juveniles are Indigenous

Do these statistics shock you?

Because personally they don’t shock me.

We are so used to choosing not to see the injustices that Indigenous Australians face especially those younger than 18. After the incident occurred in the Northern Territory where many boys were being assaulted and humiliated in the juvenile jails. It shows awareness to many Australians and actually demonstrated the harsh effects that many Indigenous people face not just within the criminal justice system.

Aboriginal people are over represented in the criminal justice system of Australia. They face representation of only 3%; although there is more than 28% of Indigenous population within Australia’s prison. How does this statistic make sense? With these numbers how can we come to the understand that there is a huge amount of discrepancy within the Australian criminal justice system.

As time progresses Indigenous incarceration rates become worse. As distinguished by the ABC, 2017 ‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander are 17 times more likely to be involved in the criminal justice system’.

Many Indigenous communities and organisation have tried to decrease the number of incarcerations; one person in particular is Noel Pearson (an Indigenous activist) constantly criticisms  towards the government as they attempt to tackle the crime rate especially within Indigenous communities. Reports from the Australian Government have focused significantly on the socioeconomic factors that aim to focus on reducing these specific trends. Such factors that are being looked at by the Government include: education, housing and the lack of employment for Indigenous Australians.