Word Travels

The art form known as Spoken word  is defined as “an oral art that focuses
on the aesthetics of word play and intonation and voice inflection.” It includes many kinds of poetry recited aloud, from 
hip-hop to traditional poetry readings to poetry slams

Developed to “inspire and inform”, art association Word Travels  calls
those inspired by ‘spoken word’ to “speak, scream, sing, rap, howl or whisper” their way to empowerment.
 Through practices of representation and participation, Word Travels provides a ‘unique global stage’ for artists. Abe Nouk is one such artist. Listen to his voice, hear his strength and prepare for his courage, as you watch his following performance…

Abe Nouk

Abe Nouk – Spoken-Word Poet, MC, Author, Hip Hop Fanatic

It is my belief, injustice and oppression feeds on fear and silence. In direct opposition; Word Travels! Coming out into full view, challenging minds and hearts and reconciling lives.  

Word Travels echoes social justice deep within its Core Beliefs of…

People build personal strength and confidence through creative expression.
Communities build strength through unified creative expression.
Artists are catalysts for change.
Everyone is the hero of their own story.
Live humans sharing their thoughts, fears, hopes, dreams and stories with you are extremely valuable.
Respect, explore, engage and attempt to understand a variety of cultures, languages and beliefs.
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  1. qc16

    Wow Fiona wonderful post, in particular the way the social justice issue is expressed through the creative arts. It is a powerful medium and after viewing the video for a second gave me a feeling of how hard it must be for someone escaping their countries and seeking refuge on what should be safe harbours. Thank you so much for sharing such an important social justice issue.

  2. fcm611

    Fiona why haven’t I come here before, what a fantastic blog. I am tired now so I am only reading your intro, but already it’s making me want to stay up till I read all of your posts. I am definitely returning here to check out the rest tomorrow, you have done a top job, well done. I haven’t heard of this before but it excites me and I just know I am going to love this blog, cheers I’ll be reading you tomorrow, Fay

    • Fiona

      Thanks Fay, your encouragement is greatly appreciated!
      PS. You did realise it was nearly 1am when your posted….too diligent..lol

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