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Social justice motivated art is not about telling you what to think or feel. It aims to be seen, then heard, then in hope, create change.  In the most public display of social dialogue, Street Art speaks out loud and clear.

don't be scared:















The Mexican city of Pachuca decided to use art in an attempt to reduce acts of violence and environmental decay.  “Artistic activities have long been used by professionals as a powerful tool in developing the individuals’ social functioning and increasing their life quality.” http://www.ijssh.org/vol6/679-CH402.pdf 
A youth organisation called Germen Crew engaged young locals in “filling with colour” the whole neighbourhood.  http://thebutterflyhunter.net/8-reasons-to-love-street-art/  Here is the result!


Berlin wall has a long history of street art. It began as an act of rebellion to the dictatorship and to call for a free and united nation. “All the differences between the countries made it a perfect place for people to express their opinions, especially on their preferences and dislikes.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berlin_Wall_graffiti_art

Berlin wall. Royalty Free Stock Photos
Bruderkiss by Dmitrji Vrubel “God! help me stay alive” “Among this mortal love”











Bansky street art is some of the world’s most well-known.  His street art and public sculptural installments centre on issues of inequality for children, western culture discourse, power dynamics and consumerism.  Check out his website: http://banksy.co.uk/out.asp

The tenets of injustice described in HAS 200 week 1 reading (Dorling and Daniel, 2010), address the five belief structures in which injustice exists.  Follow onto Bansky’s street art images below to find out my interpretation of his works in relation to two of these tenets.  These images are captioned with the suggested tenet title.

Not a HAS 200 student? no problem, just follow the link:


Do the following Banksy images evoke any response in you?

Post me your thoughts/comments…

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