Webification Project – UnrealityTV

For my webification project, I have decided to do a blog based on reality TV shows called ‘UnrealityTV’.  This blog will be supported by a Twitter page.

My blog can be found here.

My Twitter page can be found here.

I chose to do this as my webification project as I have an interest in reality television. I have observed that during shows such as MasterChef many people utilise Twitter to comment about what is happening on the program and to make observations that are read by other users.

My blog was set up using WordPress.com. Conveniently, this is the same site that uowblogs uses so I have found using the site quite simple.  I set up a Twitter account, created a Twitter feed on my blog and ensured that whenever I posted a new blog post a Tweet would automatically be made.

So far I have made two blog posts. I watched a reality television program, used Twitter to voice my observations (using the relevant #tag) and after the show wrote a blog post about it. These blog posts will contain a summary of the events of the program, and occasionally some commentary as to term ‘reality TV’, the lack of authenticity that some of these ‘reality’ programs appear to have and the seemingly scripted program content.

My aim is to get involved in the communal watching of TV shows that seems to occur over Twitter. I hope to gain followers and participate in conversations about each program, including  having my tweets re-tweeted and re-tweeting other users’ tweets.

My level of success will definitely depend on the popularity of the show. The first blog post I did was on both ‘RBT’ and ‘Send in the Dogs’ – the popularity of these shows hardly compares with shows such as MasterChef, which was reflected in the lack of conversation about these shows occuring over Twitter.  However, my second blog post was about ‘World’s Strictest Parents’ which definitely gained more attention on Twitter. I also Tweeted throughout ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’, which seemed to be an incredibly popular show to Tweet about and I shall therefore be writing my blog on the program next week.

So how is it going so far? Well I have two legitimate followers,  however few re-tweets or @messages. However,  shows such as Junior MasterChef, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Farmer Wants a Wife and The Biggest Loser may attract more attention and it is shows such as these which I will be focusing on in the future.

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