On the road 65Plus – Launched this week on the Centre for Road Safety’s website

65plusmrec                  Whether you drive, ride, walk, use a mobility scooter or catch public transport a new guide, “On the road 65Plus” has information and resources to help keep you independent and safe.

snip RMShttp://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/stayingsafe/ontheroad-65plus/dementia.html

Developed by the Centre for Road Safety, the guide provides useful tips for safer driving and making better choices when using our roads. It features medical advice on how our health and common medical conditions can affect road user abilities. Advice on how to plan ahead for your mobility needs and transition from full-time driving is offered.

The guide also explains the NSW driver licensing system for drivers aged 75 and 85 years or above.

Pick up a copy of “On the road 65Plus” at your local Roads and Maritime registry or Service NSW Centre (available from 5th March). The guide is available online at roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au.


More information

A ‘Driving and Dementia Decision Aid’ booklet is available to help assess changes to driving abilities and plan for retirement from driving.

Visit the University of Wollongong website to download the guide. For more information and resources, email dementia-driving@uow.edu.au

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW in partnership with the National Roads and Motorists’ Association has produced a guide ‘Staying on the move with dementia’ for people, families and carers living with dementia. To download the guide, visit:

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