Some of the projects currently in progress by members of CTC:


Border Crossing: The Transnational Career of the Television Crime Drama
Professor Sue Turnbull

This project aims to shed new light on the evolving dynamics of the global television industry in an era of post-broadcast production and distribution with particular attention to the TV crime drama. As one of television’s most enduring and popular genres, the crime drama has routinely reflected local, regional and national concerns about law and order issues. Through a series of case studies, this project explores how national frames of reference in terms of policy and content are being negotiated in different production contexts within the global market place. The TV crime drama thus provides an illuminating lens through which to examine the impact of globalisation on the rapidly evolving television industry as it enters a new era.


ARC Linkage
Migration, Cultural Diversity and Television: Reflecting Modern Australia
Professor Kate Darian Smith, University of Melbourne; Dr Sukhmani Khorana, University of Wollongong; Dr Moya McFadzean, Museum of Victoria; Professor Susan Turnbull, University of Wollongong; Mr Michael Reason, Museum of Victoria; Ms Helen Simondson, Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

This project documents the evolving history of popular television and its contribution to national discussions about migration,cultural diversity and citizenship across six decades. Through analysis of selected television programs that depict the contemporary nation, the study historicises the intersections between popular television, its representations of cultural diversity and its public interventions. The cross-disciplinary approach combines the critical examination of production processes and program content with the personal perspectives of intergenerational migrant communities, youth and key industry figures. In association with Museum Victoria and ACMI, outcomes include scholarly publications, exhibitions and public programs.


International Research Collaboration
What Makes Danish TV Series Travel? TV Drama Series as Cultural Export, Transnational Production and Reception
Project co-ordinated by Dr Anne Marit Waade, Associate Professor, Aarhus University Denmark
Professor Sue Turnbull is an international collaborator on this project

The project investigates why and how Danish TV drama currently is travelling. Our hypothesis is that specific transformations and value creations are happening at all stages in the production system of Danish TV drama production, from the idea to the production, distribution and reception processes, respectively. The phenomenon calls for a theoretical rethinking of centre/periphery complexity within global TV, in particular cultural proximities, travelling style, production value and the role of small nations’ TV production. The project conducts empirical studies both of production (export, co-production, remakes) and reception (audience studies on three levels), by developing the Screen Idea System model to study the process of travelling TV drama series.