The Centre for Cultures, Texts, and Creative Industries (CTC) provides a dynamic and supportive environment for inter-disciplinary collaboration between leading and emerging researchers in the related fields of literary studies, cultural studies and media studies. The centre embraces practice-led research in the literary, digital and performing arts, and is host to a diverse range of multimodal projects unified by their focus on the cultural role of narrative.

Researchers in the CTC are concerned with investigating the many complex ways in which cultural texts – a term encompassing literature, film, media, and digital technologies – use narrative and storytelling to reflect, interpret, and shape our experiences of the social world and the environment. This research is based on the understanding that texts are not just responsive to, but formative of, both culture and environment. While this research may be deeply trans-historical in scope, it is also cutting edge. As such, this research may range from classical and medieval texts to current digital media, tracing both the content and the social function of these narratives over time. The geographical ambit is global, ranging from Indigenous literature and community art practices in Australia to Scandinavian crime drama series, German experimental theatre and Indian cinema.

This breadth and diversity, however, is underpinned by a shared emphasis on the role of cultural texts in responding to, documenting, and bringing about social change. A number of projects examine texts and practices that are engaged with social justice and social inclusion, while others are concerned with change in the environmental and non-human spheres. The constantly evolving nature of textuality and narrative form is another innovative research focus within the Centre with attention given to new and emerging forms of mediated story-telling.

CTC’s activities are intended to foster rigorous critical discussions on questions of culture, narrative, and textuality in a research environment that is also geared towards developing research projects with tangible outcomes. To this end, the Centre hosts a series of research events featuring arts practitioners as well as humanities and arts researchers. These events include masterclasses, conferences, symposia and seminars, all of which feature invited national and international visiting scholars as well as researchers from across the LHA faculty and UOW. Because one of CTC’s primary objectives is supporting the development of projects for competitive funding schemes, the centre offers workshops and planning sessions aimed at grant application and track record-building strategies, while regular research methodology workshops aim to facilitate cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaborations. At a more informal level, work-in-progress sessions offer members opportunities to gain valuable feedback on developing projects and publications.

Collaboration is a central priority for CTC. The Centre is firmly committed to maintaining and developing collaborations with academic and non-academic partners across Australia and internationally. Its current projects involve external collaborations with researchers from universities across the world, as well as regional and national industry and community partners.