Debates over engaging men in work towards gender equality

Dr Michael Flood participated in a lively debate at the University of Sydney on the question of engaging men in gender equality work, with 300+ people in attendance, on November 2. The topic was “Accelerating Gender Equality: We need Male Champions of Change.” The debate took place in the University’s Great Hall, as part of the Sydney Ideas series. Panelists included David Morrison, Australian of the Year, Anna Hush, a Women’s Officer at the university who has been active e.g. in relation to sexual assault and harassment on campus, Elisabeth Hill (an academic who writes on the political economy of gender), and others. Michael was on the negative side, allowing him to raise some critical questions regarding how men have been engaged thus far in work to build gender equality.

Dr Flood also took part in a debate on a similar topic (“Engaging men is the game-changer for gender equality”) hosted by the Diversity Council of Australia, on November 8.

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