Call for publications by Elements (Cambridge University Press)

‘Elements’, a new format at CUP, are 20-30K words in length, i.e. between article and monograph; published much faster than articles or monographs (12 weeks after acceptance of final manuscript); peer-reviewed and copy-edited; published digitally and printed on demand as paperback books; richer in content – more graphs, images etc. can be embedded (colour in the digital version); updatable on an annual basis; and REF-able:

The series is multidisciplinary in approach and plans to cover, roughly, the following ten areas:

(1) theoretical: newest developments in the field, new concepts and approaches;

(2) evolution: epigenetics, trans- and posthumanism, human-animal relations;

(3) gender and sexuality: histories of the complexity of desire and sexual pleasure;

(4) violence: pain, suffering, vulnerability;

(5) politics: post-Marxism, ideologies such as nationalism, racism, antisemitism, misogyny, homophobia etc.;

(6) big history: anthropocene, archaeology, deep history, climate and environment;

(7) society: new ways of thinking about collective emotions and sensations, the ‘mood’ of an epoch or a place, but also mental health epidemics vs. the ‘happy’ society, wellbeing;

(8) economy and finance: markets, labour, consumption;

(9) digitality: social media, artificial intelligence, robotics;

(10) life science: affective neuroscience, social neuroscience, distributed cognition, cognitive/emotional ecologies.

The series editor, Jan Plamper (Professor of History, Goldsmiths, University of London) is recruiting authors who have cutting-edge, original material. If you are interested, please write to and send a 2-3-page abstract/proposal. The team will then discuss your proposal at CUP and offer, if they feel it has promise, a contract. Once you submit the manuscript they will have it peer-reviewed within 60 days. They publish the final, revised manuscript within 12 weeks.

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