Call for Paper – Professions, Citizens, Migrants (or: Crises) and the Media in a “Post-Truth” World

Professions, Citizens, Migrants (or: Crises) and the Media in a “Post-Truth” World

XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology                                                                              Toronto, Canada, on July 15-21, 2018.                                                                            TG08 Society and Emotions

Submission deadline: September 30 2017

Contemporary sociological research reveals the important role that emotions and power play in institutional and organisational settings, civil society and the media. This is seen in interactions between professionals, public servants, plaintiffs and patients (Bergman Blix and Wettergren 2016; Pérez and Aragón 2011); and how they manifest within organisations in work contexts and in care work (King 2012, Olson and Connor 2015). Given the rise of ‘post-truth’ politics (Brexit, US electoral campaign of 2016), we are keenly interested in how emotions are shaped by and shape public discourse in highly polarized debates. Recent studies have examined how collective emotions manifest in areas such as the mass media (von Scheve and Salmela 2014); and how emotions align with politics in areas such as political power and reflexivity (Demertzis 2013; Heaney and Flam 2013; Archer 2012), and migration studies (Holmes 2004; 2010). This session calls for papers on the interpersonal and organising role emotions play in civic collective action, public policy, and in the operation of online/home workplaces, large businesses, bureaucracies, and institutions. We also welcome papers on the citizen-subject as empathetic, secular, offensive, and/or burnt out; emotions in the mass and social media; feelings in and about the public sphere; emotionalized discourses on migration, financial and economic crises, climate change, terrorism, political authoritarianism; emotions, social attitudes and values. Emergent emotions and power are also of great interest.

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