Postgraduate members

Emma Bellino
Thesis title: ‘Marriage, women’s nationality, and Australia’s Asian communities in the early twentieth century’
Supervisors: Sharon Crozier-De Rosa and Kate Bagnall
Interests: women’s/gender/feminist history, marital and reproductive histories, periodical studies, Indigenous history, Australian history, histories of emotions

Nicholas Dickie
Thesis Title: ‘Provosts and Prisoners: The Australian military police and prisoners of war in Europe, North Africa, the Pacific and Australia during the Second World War’
Supervisors: Claire Lowrie and Jen Roberts

Rachel Macpherson
Thesis title: ‘Australian suffrage and the construction of alternative modern nationalisms, 1880-1901’
Supervisors: Sharon Crozier De Rosa and Jane Carey

Brian Scott
Thesis title: ‘Enterprise and the economic development of Australia, 1860-1900’
Supervisors: Simon Ville and André Brett
Interests: Early Australian economic and settlement history; Australian entrepreneurs; British colonial international settlements and their impact; British, New Zealand, United States and Argentinian 19th century entrepreneurs and their impact on economic development.

Leonie Tan
Thesis title: ‘James Thornton Beckett: The First Chief Inspector of Aborigines in the Northern Territory’
Supervisors: Jane Carey and Julia Martinez

Renzhe Zhang
Thesis title: ‘The New Cultural Movement and the Chinese Diaspora in Australia, 1910s-1930s’
Supervisors: Jason Lim and Julia Martinez
Interests: Chinese Australians, nationalism, colonialism, postmodernism