Dr André Brett (UOW page)
ASSH Honorary Research Fellow
BA Hons and PhD (University of Melbourne)
Research interests: New Zealand and Australian history, with an emphasis on political, environmental, economic, and transport themes; also, genocide studies, higher education history, global railway history

Dr Jane Carey (UOW page)
BA Hons, BSc, PhD (University of Melbourne)
Research interests: Settler colonialism, Australian colonial history, comparative and transcolonial histories, women’s history, biopolitics, Indigenous histories

Associate Professor Georgine Clarsen
ASSH Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Research interests: settler colonial and Indigenous histories, mobilities, Australian cultural history

Dr Vicki Crinis
ASSH Honorary Research Fellow
BA Hons and PhD (University of Wollongong)
Research interests: Colonial Malaya, history of trafficking women and girls, League of Nations and trafficking, feminism, internationalism and human rights

Associate Professor Sharon Crozier-De Rosa (UOW page)
Research interests: history of feminisms, nationalisms, imperialisms and emotions

Dr Peter Gibson
BAL Honorary Research Fellow
University of Wollongong
Research Interests: Chinese Australian history, business and economic history, labour history, the history of modern China

Dr Michael R. Griffiths (UOW page)
BA Hons (University of Western Australia), MA, PhD (Rice University)
Research interests: Settler colonial studies, Australian literature, Indigenous literatures

Dr Claire Lowrie (UOW page)
CASS Director
PhD (University of Wollongong)
Research interests: History of colonialism and labour in the Asia-Pacific region; global and transnational history; history of imperialism; environmental history

Dr Cecilia Leong-Salobir
ASSH Honorary Research Fellow
Research interests: food history; colonial histories of Australia, Southeast Asia and India

Associate Professor Julia Martínez (UOW page)
BA, DipEd (Melbourne), BA Hons (Wollongong), PhD (Wollongong)
Research interests: colonial histories of North Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Dr Lisa Slater (UOW page)
BA Hons (Sydney University), BA Comm (Canberra University), MA (Sydney University),  PhD (Sydney University)
Research interests: Settler colonialism; gender, race and place; emotions and settler belonging; Indigenous cultural production and the cultural interface; cultural theory and cultural studies

Dr Marcelo Svirsky (UOW page)
Research interests: settler colonial theory, comparative settler colonialism, Israel/Palestine, subjectivity studies

Senior Professor Simon Ville (UOW page)
BA Hons (University College London), PhD (University College London)
Research interests: Australian and international economic and business history, comparative economic development, and international business