Dr Kate Bagnall
University of Tasmania
Research interests: legal histories of migration and citizenship; the White Australia Policy and Chinese restriction; overseas Chinese family life; Chinese in colonial Australasia

Dr André Brett 
Curtin University
BA Hons and PhD (University of Melbourne)
Research interests: New Zealand and Australian history, with an emphasis on political, environmental, economic, and transport themes; also, genocide studies, higher education history, global railway history

Dr Amanda Harris
University of Sydney
Research Interests: Australian cultural history, histories of music and dance, cultural heritage and archives, settler colonial and Indigenous histories, gender and women’s history

Dr Rohan Howitt
Australian National University
Research Interests: History of Australian imperialism; history of colonialism in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean; Global history; environmental history

Dr Frances Steel
University of Otago, New Zealand
Research interests: Settler colonial sub-imperialisms in the Pacific, oceanic mobilities, networks of commodity exchange, ships and port towns as sites of colonial encounters and consumption

Dr Jodie Stewart 
Casual UOW Lecturer and Tutor
Research Interests: Aboriginal history, settler historiography, settler colonialism, place, mobility and walking, public history

Dr Claire Wright
University of Technology Sydney
Research Interests: Australian history, economic history, global history, intellectual history, settler colonial societies

PhD Student Affiliates

Anna Dunn
The University Sydney
Thesis title: ‘Rocky Relations: Aboriginal cultural heritage protection and recreational use in conservation areas’

Vanessa Whittington
Western Sydney University
Thesis title: ‘Authenticities, deficits, transformations: visitor responses to Aboriginal cultural heritage in Australian protected areas’.

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