Nordic geographies

View of the city from Halgrimskeger

In June I was lucky enough to attend the 5th Nordic geographers’ conference at the University of Iceland in the city of Reykjavik.

This was an exciting conference that offered a forum for exchange between groups of people interested in how we might address the long term concerns about the environment, resource use and everyday social practices. The theme of the conference was ‘Responsible geographies’ and so many of the presentations were related to different ways that we might extend thinking around ways to conceptualise responsibility differently. There were a range of impressive presentations that displayed a diverse range of theoretical and methodological perspectives. For just a few examples; time geographies, gendered  patterns of mobility, uses of art and sound as methodologies, patterns of migration and geographies of home and belonging, dealing with the effects of economic crises.Keynote speaker Kathy Gibson from the University of Western Sydney gave an inspiring presentation that invited a meshing of ideas from the conference to open up new ways of thinking how we might negotiate our understanding of and relation to the ‘economy’ differently. While many of the presenters drew on theories or empirical case studies rooted in different paradigms there was a real sense of hopefulness that got people talking to each other no matter how different their views. Continue reading