Encountering events

Post written by Anna De Jong

Waiting in the deathly long line for the bathroom at the 2012 Sydney Big Day Out I reach for my phone as a form of distraction. My finger intuitively hits the Twitter app, strategically positioned on page one of five on the phone’s desktop. Directly next to Google Maps, Instagram and Facebook. Scrolling through the tweets my excitement and anxiety levels simultaneously increase as it hits me; Foster the People are trending on Twitter – being dubbed ‘best of the #2012BDO’, ‘unexpected’, ‘amazing’. I hadn’t really thought to check them out, this was my designated time to prepare for the headlining acts, entailing a toilet break, and stocking up on much needed food and drink. I leave my strong hold in the bathroom line, making a beeline through the crowds towards my waiting friends – no longer focused on my desperate need for the bathroom, food and drink. They can wait. Continue reading