The AAG jostle: last thoughts from the bar

By Ellen van Holstein

Having presented my own work at the AAG early in proceedings, I spent the rest of the conference walking around the rooms like a little girl in a candy shop. So much to see, so little time. Oh! Tim Cresswell tweets about a lecture on epigenetics that is about to start. That does not sound like my field of interest, but Tim Cresswell has probably been to the AAG a couple of times; he knows what he is talking about. Right? So I decide to go.

The next hour and a half the speaker, Becky Mansfield, plunges into a critical discussion of the fascinating science of epigenetics, leaving me in a deep state of excitement and confusion. A state I don’t get myself out of until the end of the conference.

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AAG 2014 Tampa Conference, Day 1: Thoughts From The Bar

By Nick Skilton and Ellen van Holstein

Nick Skilton and Ellen van Holstein are both PhD Candidates with the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research. They are currently at the Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida.

Nick presenting at the AAG conference in Tampa, Florida.

Nick presenting at the AAG conference in Tampa, Florida.

Nick: We’ve finally all found each in the downstairs bar of the Floridan Hotel. The chandeliers scream old school bling, and the waitress is surly because we don’t get tipping etiquette. They don’t have kettles in hotel rooms, but they have great bourbon, and burgers that get served ‘bloody’ enough to send me – the vegan AUSCCERite – upstairs to my room for dinner. Continue reading