Meet Md. Abdul Malak

The Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research (AUSCCER) is a teaching and research group focusing on cultural and social aspects of environmental issues. AUSCCER’s expertise and research is wide-ranging. Over the next few months we’ll be introducing some of our academics and PhD candidates to give greater insight into AUSCCER’s work.

Meet Abdul, one of our newest PhD Candidates.

Abdul moved from Bangladesh to Wollongong to begin his PhD at the end of July 2017.

Whilst only just starting out Abdul describes his research project as focusing on “vulnerability, resilience and livelihood of wetland communities of north western Bangladesh.” He is supervised by Professor Noel Castree and Dr Jenny Atchison.

In Bangladesh, Abdul is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography and Environment at Jagannath University. His research interests include: livelihood vulnerability and resilience, disaster risk analysis, disaster resilience, food and drinking water security in coastal areas.

Welcome to Wollongong and AUSCCER Abdul!

A crop protected dam (Shonir Haor) is broken due to the huge pressure of flash flood in North-Western part of Bangladesh

People harvest immature paddy inundated by early flash flood in North-Western part of Bangladesh


Some recent publications by Abdul

Sajib, A. M., and Malak, M.A., 2017 “Assessing the Cyclone-induced Vulnerability of Aging People: A Case Study on Coastal Union of Bangladesh” Journal of Life and Earth Sciences, Jagannath University, Bangladesh, Vol. 2 (Paper Accepted)

Alam, R.M., Malak, M.A., and Khan, E., 2016 “Assessing the Livelihood Vulnerability of Char People: A Case on Char Gabsara of Tangail District”. The Journal of Geo-Environment, Dept. of Geography and Environmental Studies, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh, Vol-13. ISSN: 1682-1998. (Paper Accepted).

Ullah, H., Islam, M N., and Malak, M.A., 2014: Charland Dynamics of the Bramhaputra-Jamuna River of Bangladesh, Social Science Review, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh, Part 2, Vol. XXXIV/2010, ISSN 1682-7422.pp 165-182

Islam, M.N., Malak, M.A., and Islam, M.N., 2013: Community-based Disaster Risk and Vulnerability Models of a Coastal Municipality in Bangladesh, Natural Hazards, Journal of the International Society for the Prevention and Mitigation of Natural Hazards, Springer Publication, ISSN Print: 0921-030X, ISSN Online: 1573-0840. Vol. 69, Issues 3, pp 2083-2103.

Malak, M.A., Islam, M.N., Islam, M.N., 2012: Population Growth and Food Supply in Northern Bangladesh, The Journal of Bangladesh National Geographical Association, Vol. 38, Nos 1&2/2010. ISSN 1811-6266, pp 39-58.

You can view more of Abdul’s publications here.


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