AUSCCER @ the AAG 2017 Boston


Association of American Geographers’ Annual Meeting

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

5th – 9th April 2017


Next week from the 5th – 9th April eight AUSCCER staff and postgrads will be attending the Association of American Geographers’ (AAG) Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

From papers and discussions on parenting, sharks, natural disasters, to urban development, we sure are a diverse group! We’ve trawled through the extensive program so you don’t have too. Catch them speaking at the sessions and times listed below.

If you’re not attending the AAG, you can follow the conversation via twitter using #AAG2017, following @AUSCCER or checking out each AUSCCERites’ twitter handles.

Wednesday 5th April

Paper sessions:

Nicole Cook  

The virtual city: Sydney’s Green Bans as a makeshift planning department
Session 1155: Improvisation: the art of making do (1) at 8:00 AM  in Hampton A, Sheraton, Third Floor

Sophie-May Kerr @SophieMayKerr1 ‏  

Parenting within close proximity to others: apartment materiality and the politics of sound
Session 1212: Cities in Three Dimensions: Vertical Urban Geographies at 10:00AM in Room 201, Hynes, Second Level

Pauline McGuirk @PaulineMcGuirk  

Urban built environments and smart/energy transition intersections
Session 1234: Smart Grid/Smart Cities (II): Experimenting with Urban Reconfiguration at 10:00AM in Suite 300, Hynes, Third Level  *co-authored by Robyn Dowling (Sydney University) and Chantel Carr (University of Wollongong)

Pauline McGuirk @PaulineMcGuirk

Translating smart in Australian Cities
Session 1448: Situating Smart 1: Spatial and material politics of Smart Urbanism  at 13.00pm in Beacon D Sheraton, Third Floor, * Co-authored by Sophia Maalsen and Robyn Dowling (University of Sydney)

Susannah Clement @SusannahClement 

Walking with prams: considering ‘affect’ in making family-friendly cities-on-the-move
Session 1556: Feminist Political Geographies 4: Feminist Perspectives on Science and Materiality at 15:20PM in Hampton B, Sheraton, Third Floor

Panel sessions:

Christine Eriksen @DrCEriksen (Panellist)

Session 1558: Research ethics in human geography: international perspectives from 2.40pm in Gardner B. Sheraton, 3rd Floor


Thursday 6th April

Panel sessions:

Noel Castree (Organiser)

Session 2432: Values in environmental research: beyond a scientized politics and politicized science  from 1:20 PM – 3:00 PM in Room 312, Hynes, Third Level *co-organised with Rebecca Lave (Indiana University)


Friday 7th April

Paper sessions:

Christine Eriksen @DrCEriksen

Using Humour to Negotiate the Gendered Terrain of Wildland Firefighting
Session 3684: Geographies and Counter-geopolitics of Humor amid Adversity-2 at 5:20 PM in Fairfield, Marriott, Third Floor *co-authored by Carrie Wilkinson (University of Wollongong)

Panel sessions:

Nicole Cook (Panellist)

Session 3177: Author meets the critics: The Geopolitics of Real Estate: Reconfiguring Property, Capital and Rights  from 8:00 AM – 9:40 AM in Harvard, Marriott, Third Floor


Saturday 8th April

Paper sessions:

Christine Eriksen @DrCEriksen

Research Ethics, Trauma and Self-Care: Reflections on Disaster Geographies
Session 4239: Task Force on Mental Health: Continuing the Conversation on Mental Health in the Academy at 10:00AM in Independence West, Sheraton, Second Floor

Shefali Juneja Lakhina @ShefJL

Co-learning Disaster Resilience with Migrants and Refugees
Session 4490: Perspectives on Migration: Local to Global Dimensions at 13:20 PM in Yarmouth, Marriott, Fourth Floor

Panel sessions:

Pauline McGuirk  @PaulineMcGuirk (Panellist)

Session 4201: Author Meets Critics: Ugo Rossi’s “Cities in Global Capitalism” from 10:00 AM – 11:40 AM in Room 101, Hynes, Plaza Level

Pauline McGuirk @PaulineMcGuirk (Organiser) with an introduction from Noel Castree

Session 4524: Interrogating Spaces of Urban Commoning Progress in Human Geography Lecture from 3:20 PM – 5:00 PM in Room 304, Hynes, Third Level

Sunday 9th April

Paper sessions:

Leah Gibbs @LM_Gibbs

Sharks, nets and disputed territory in eastern Australia
Session 5496: The Contact Zone II: Where Species Meet at 14:00PM in Maine, Marriott, Fifth Floor



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