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Conferences can be hard. There can be ups and downs. Nicola Thomas @craftgeography calls this the Conference Carousel. Attending the RGS-IBG Annual Conference Postgraduate Forum Annual Training Symposium we were treated to a workshop of making Top Trump cards.

You might remember Top Trumps from your childhood. A deck of 30 cards with a themed set of characters that are divided between two players and pitched against each other according to their attributes. For example, The Simpson’s Top Trumps: Player 1 draws Homer, chooses Nuisance Factor: 60. Player 2 draws Bart, Nuisance Factor: 100 – Player 2 wins and takes the Homer card from Player 1. The game finishes when one player had all the cards.

Nicola had us create our own Top Trump’s based on possible conference situations. Including the good and bad to remind us that the conference experience waxes and wanes, and bad things happen but it isn’t the end of the world.



We would like to continue to add to these experiences with a few of our own from the RGS-IBG Annual Conference so far.

Susannah’s Story

Title: That’s shit.

Scenario: I’m presenting today, I’ve had enough sleep, I feel ready. I leave the hotel and walk with a spring in my step down the street. A seagull cries, I feel something hit me. Oh yuck, bird poo! Quick go back and change!!

Likelihood of happening: 5

Twitter Trending Factor: 1 (unless I write an AUSCCER blog post about it…)

Career Enhancement Factor: 0

Embarrassment Level: 80

Horror Factor: 100

Never to be forgotten: 100


Ellen’s Story

Title: Geo friends

Scenario: Heading to big conference dreading the idea of having to deal with large rooms of strangers. Now that it’s the third year of my PhD I’m seeing geographer friends from previous conferences around the room. This conference is going to be fun.

Likelihood of happening: 75

Twitter Trending Factor: 10

Career Enhancement Factor: 60

Embarrassment Level: 0

Horror Factor: 0

Never to be forgotten: 40


Thank you to the @PGF_RGS-IBG for a fab postgrad day!


Susannah @SusannahClement and Ellen @ellenvan_h are both PhD Candidates with @AUSCCER.

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