Geographies of the Anthropocene –––– RGS-IBG annual conference

RBGA flock of AUSCCERites are flying out the door, making the annual migration to the Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers’ conference (1-4 September). This year the conference is held at the University of Exeter, focusing on ‘Geographies of the Anthropocene’.


If you’re attending the conference or following conference conversations via Twitter (#RGSIBG15 @RGS_IBG), be sure to mark the following sessions in your diaries:



Session 1:

Charles Gillon – Fluid homes, sand castles: A materialist, multi-elemental account of housing in a coastal master planned estate (PCC 2.4)

Ellen van Holstein – Sharing water: the social and technological infrastructures of resourceful water practices in community gardens (PCC 1.5)

Lesley Head, Natascha Klocker, Olivia Dun and Ananth Gopal – A bunch of plant stories (PCC 2.1)


Session 2:

Susannah Clement – More-than-human assemblages of family pedestrian mobility (FOR S4)

Lesley Head and Noel Castree – Panel Discussants – Chair’s opening plenary: discussion panel (FOR S3)

Gordon Waitt – “Oh geez. That needs to go”. Rethinking food waste through the materialities and visceralities of everyday refrigeration practices (FOR S3)

Anja Kanngieser – Staring into the void while islands sink [Performance Lecture] (PCC 2.4)


Session 3:

Anja Kanngieser – Panel Discussant – Communism and catastrophe (1): Panel Discussion (PCC 2.4)


Session 4:

Noel Castree – Panel Discussant – Communism and Catastrophe (2): Panel Discussion (NEW LTB)

Natascha Klocker, Olivia Dun and Lesley Head – “Nobody likes to be dismissed”: rethinking human value in global agricultural networks (FOR S3)



Session 1:

Sophie-May Kerr – Exploring low-carbon transport cultures in Chinese migrant households in Sydney, Australia (FOR S3)

Gordon Waitt, Kate Roggeveen, Ross Gordon, Katherine Butler and Paul Cooper  – Thrifty pleasures: telling energy efficiency narratives of older, lower income households (FOR S1)


Session 2:

Etienne Turpin – Exhuming the Poropolitics of Jakarta’s Ground Water Abstraction Complex (or, Why Global Capital Auto-Colluded to Destroy a City of 30 Million Residents) (PCC 1.2&3)


Session 3:

Etiene Turpin – Panel Discussant – The Craft of Infrastructure: Seasonal Life, Climate Change, and Social Adaptation (NEW LFT)

Anja Kanngieser – Between Measure and Experience: Elemental Experiments in Atmospheric Governance (NEW LTF)


Session 4:

Stephanie Toole – Adapting to climate change: rethinking vulnerabilities and capacities at the household scale (FOR S10)



Session 1:

Justin Westgate – Anthropocene as provocation: considering “what if” (NEW LTCD)


Session 2:

Tomas Holderness and Etienne Turpin – Constructing Data Politics: A Paper on Studying and Promoting Infrastructure Resilience to Climate Change in Jakarta, Indonesia (PCC 2.5)

Noel Castree – Geographers and the discourse of an Earth transformed: influencing the intellectual weather or changing the intellectual climate? (PCC 1.1)


Session 3:

Olivia Dun – What out-migration tells us about rural change in the Mekong Delta (PCC 1.1)


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