Kiwi input needed for ‘Journeying to Mardi Gras Study’

Post written by Anna de Jong

I’m heading to New Zealand’s North Island in a couple of weeks to talk with anyone planning to travel to this year’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade.

Following research in Australia from the 2013 Mardi Gras, I’m asking: what is the role of Mardi Gras for those living outside Sydney, in a context of changing sexual politics and citizenship?

To help answer this question I’m interested in your experiences, anticipations and ideas of preparing for, participating in and returning from Mardi Gras.

Interested in taking part in the research? Anyone travelling from NZ to Mardi Gras this year and aged 18 years or over can take part in the research.

Participation involves one interview about an hour in length before Mardi Gras Parade, which can take place in person (anywhere that’s convenient) or through Skype.

Enquiries to: Anna de Jong at or +61 431 675 396

Anna de Jong is a PhD student at the Australian Centre for Cultural Environmental Research, University of Wollongong. You can read more on Anna’s blog and follow her on Twitter @AnadeJong.

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