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Ruth Lane (Monash University) and Juliana Mansvelt (Massey University) are proposing the following session for the Institute of Australian Geographers (IAG) conference (30 June – 2 July 2014) and are seeking researchers who may be interested in submitting papers. If you’re interested please contact Ruth directly.

Critical geographies of consumption, sustainability and waste

Geographical study of consumption has developed considerably from its initial focus on spectacular urban spaces. Through studying sites of consumption as embedded social spaces, understanding consumption as a meaningful and embodied practice, and reflecting on the role and significance of commodity practices as part of commodity chains and material cultures, geographers have made important insights into the (re) production of socialities, spatialities and subjectivities at a range of scales. More recently attention has turned to matters of ethicality, wasting and sustainability. A particular contemporary challenge is understanding how consumption as a social practice relates to broader resource geographies. This session emphasises the critical contribution of consumption geographies, from purchase and acquisition, to use, possession, disposal and wasting. We welcomeĀ presentations on a range of consumption related topics including: urban rural and household sustainability, green and ethical consumption, moral geographies of consumption, consumption as a social practice, cultural and identity politics, commodity networks and cultures.

Key words
consumption; social practice; sustainability; waste

Standard 4 paper session

Ruth Lane (Monash University) and Juliana Mansvelt (Massey University)

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