Wild horses: de-domestication, re-domestication

Last week two recent AUSCCER graduates and I had a sneak preview of a documentary The Man From Coxs River about the removal of wild horses from the Burragorang Valley. This was also the topic of a Directed Studies project by Blaire Carlon that I supervised last year. It raises really interesting questions about heritage, tangible and intangible; the agency of ‘non-human others’; the nature of ‘wildness’ (and wilderness). I’m really interested in how non-academic forms of communication, such as film, can take the ideas we work with to broader audiences.

The other interesting aspect of this story is that the key family in the film, the Carlons, are now well represented in Wollongong after being forced to move out of the Burragorang valley when it was flooded by the Warragamba Dam.

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