Honours Testimonials

Matthew Joseph

My name is Matthew Joseph. I completed Honours in Philosophy at the University of Wollongong in 2015. Going into Honours, I knew that I would need to maintain a strict writing and research schedule in order to meet the deadlines of coursework and thesis submission. However, what I did not anticipate was the transformative effect of meeting the demands of Honours. Through the process of completing my thesis, I found that my capacities for sustained focus and concentration increased. Having been fortunate to attain a First Class Honours Degree, I am currently doing my PhD in Philosophy at the University of Sydney.​

Sharri Lembryk

My name is Sharri Lembryk. I completed both my bachelor and honours degrees at the University of Wollongong, graduating in 2017 with first class honours (thesis mark 89, overall mark 87). My thesis, titled ‘Anthropomorphic Bias in Animal Ethics’, sought to articulate some of the implications of epistemic limitation in animal-ethical discourse. Building upon my work in honours, I am now undertaking a PhD candidature at the University of New South Wales, where I draw upon work in feminist and post-colonial epistemology to situate the plight of the radical (non-human animal) Other.

Cameron James Lutman

My name is Cameron Lutman. I completed Honours in Philosophy at the University of Wollongong in 2016. I attained a First Class result, with an overall mark of 92 for the year. My project focused on the moral psychology of character. More specifically, I examined the empirically-informed “situationist” challenge to Aristotelian virtue ethics, and considered some ways of defending virtue ethics from this challenge. My experience with Honours at UOW was highly rewarding, as it not only allowed me to work on a topic I was passionate about, but it also sharpened my communication, organisation, and research skills. I am now in the second year of a PhD at UOW, in which I have built on my honours work to develop an interactionist account of moral character.

Justin Ramsey

My name is Justin Ramsay. I completed my Honours degree in Philosophy at UOW in 2015. My Honours thesis was a comparative analysis of the writings of David Hume and Friedrich Nietzsche on the topic of religion. After receiving an overall Honours mark of 85 (Class I), I was accepted by UOW as a PhD candidate, which I am currently in the process of completing. My PhD is in the area of Digital Ethics.

John Reynolds

My name is John Reynolds. I did my honours in Philosophy in 2016. I looked at privacy and big data to show how privacy has become a dated concept when it comes to the real life applications of big data. At the end of it all, I got First Class Honours, and was successful in applying for a scholarship to work on my PhD here at the University of Wollongong, continuing my work on digital ethics and big data.​