HSI Philosophy Research Activities

Research Seminars: Established and up-and-coming professional philosophers, from Australia and around rest of the world, are regularly invited to present their latest research to staff and students.

Work-in-Progress (WIP) sessions: These sessions are a platform for staff and Higher Degree Research students to test developing and emerging lines of investigation and argument.

Workshops and Conferences: We regularly host research-focused workshops and conferences in association with a variety of funded research projects and initiatives.

Reading Groups: Staff and students regularly participate in informal reading groups aimed at contemporary topics in philosophy.

All talks and events are held, where possible, in the LHA Research Hub. Location: Building 19, Level 1 (View on Map).

UOW Philosophy Forum

The UOW Philosophy Forum is our highly active, student-run, staff supported philosophy club that operates via UOW’s UniClubs.

During session, Phil Forum regularly organises events such as staff-student socials, BBQs, film nights and other activities. They also organise an annual end of year Training Conference, at which students and staff spend time away from the University discussing philosophy, giving and listening to a programme of talks and getting to know one another in an informal setting.

To find out more visit the Philosophy Forum Facebook page.