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All talks are normally held in the LHA Research Hub. Location: Building 19, Level 1 (View on Map).

The Research Seminar is normally from 3.30-4.45 on Weds; and Phil Forum Presents talks are held from 5.00-5.45 on Weds.

UOW Philosophy Forum

The UOW Philosophy Forum is our highly active, student-run, staff supported philosophy club that operates via the Centre for Student Engagement. To find out more visit the Philosophy Forum Facebook page.

The Philosophy Forum organises: staff-student socials; a start-of-session wine and cheese welcome; BBQs; film nights and meets on selected days during session.

In connection with the UOW Research Seminar series, Philosophy Forum Presents organises additional short talks by the visiting speakers on topics that are aimed to engage those are new to philosophy. All talks are free of charge and open to staff, students and members of the public, but undergrads have first dibs on asking questions.

Phil Forum Presents talks are held from 5.00-5.45 on Weds. All talks are held, where possible, in the LHA Research Hub. Location: Building 19, Level 1 (View on Map).

The Philosophy Forum organises an annual Philosophy Training Conference at which students and staff spend time away from the University discussing philosophy, giving and listening to a programme of talks and getting to know one another in an informal setting. The most recent event was held in Bunadnoon in the Southern Highlands in November 2016.

There are invited speakers from other Universities and special discussion panels –comprised of past, present and up-and-coming post-graduate students and staff– which aimed to clarify the value of studying philosophy, the many opportunities available for students of philosophy in the wider world of work, and what is required for further study for those considering Honours and Higher Degree Research pathways.

The Philosophy Forum also seeks to give its members financial support in the form of bursaries to help them attend the Australian Association of Philosophy (AAP) Annual Conference in July.

In 2017, or the very first time in the AAP’s nearly 100-year history, the AAP created a new category of undergraduate membership which allows free attendance to the newly established undergraduate afternoon at the annual AAP conference and other benefits. The undergraduate afternoon features talks directed to an undergraduate audience, followed by a social night. Speakers at the conference are asked to designated if their papers will be accessible to undergraduate philosophers.

UOW Philosophy Research

UOW Philosophy Research hosts a range of research activities.

Research Seminar series: Established and up-and-coming professional philosophers, hailing from Australia and the rest of the world, are invited to present their latest research to staff and students. These meetings take place from 3.30-4.45 on select Wednesdays throughout the teaching session.

Work-in-Progress (WIP) series: These talks, alternating with research seminar presentations, are a platform for staff and Higher Degree Research students test developing and emerging lines of investigation and argument.

Workshop and Conference series: Annual Workshops and Conferences are hosted in February, with others taking place at various points throughout the year in association with funded research projects and initiatives.

Reading Group series: These are topically-focused sessions focus on bringing staff and students together to examine important texts of common interest in order to keep abreast of important developments.

All of the events in these series are aimed principally at staff and Higher Degree Research students in philosophy, but they are open to all.

All talks and events are held, where possible, in the LHA Research Hub. Location: Building 19, Level 1 (View on Map).