PhD student interviewed on AI and the future of work

Anco Peeters has been interviewed by The Stand on the topic of “Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work.” In the interview, he discusses his critical work on how, in much of philosophy and science, the mind is understood as analogous to an information-processing computer. He also reflects on how a virtue ethical approach to AI and robotics can help us to evaluate the impact of such technologies on our moral character.

Some of these ideas are discussed in a recently published paper “Sympathy for Dolores: Moral Consideration for Robots Based on Virtue and Recognition” in Philosophy & Technology, which Peeters co-authored with Max Cappuccio and William McDonald.

Anco Peeters

Cappuccio, M. L., Peeters, A., & McDonald, W. (2019). Sympathy for Dolores: Moral consideration for robots based on virtue and recognition. Philosophy & Technology, 1–23. doi: 10.1007/s13347-019-0341-y